EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: Do You Have Something To Say About Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Issues?

If you have something on your mind about Columbia Basin salmon recovery and other fish and wildlife and natural resource issues, we want to hear from you. That’s why I am launching Letters To The Editor.

If you take issue with a Columbia Basin Bulletin story or have information and views to add to the topic, let us know. Send us your thoughts for others to consider.

And if you have an opinion or information on other natural resource issues not necessarily related to a CBB story, send us those thoughts too.

As we enter a key period for Columbia/Snake River salmon recovery and energy production, stakeholder dialogue is a must. And dialogue doesn’t just mean meetings, conferences, forums, or presentations among policymakers and organizations’ staff. It includes your personal view.

So send your views to [email protected] , subject line Letters To The Editor. Include your place of residence, title if you wish, and phone number (not to be published) in case we have a question.

Short, medium, long (well not too long) all okay.

What’s not okay and won’t be published will be any submission that defames, insults, or speculates on others’ motives.

We look forward to hearing from you.

— Bill Crampton, editor, billcrampton@bendcable.com

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